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> 2020 - 'Queer’ Objects: The Art Practice as a Tool for Shared Sensory Understanding, research article, International Journal of Art and Design Education, GB

This article has been published on the invitation of the International Journal of Art and Design Education in 2020, following Suzanne Boulet's participation at the  journal conference in 2019.

It is structured around three art objects she created and presented at the Goldsmiths, University of London (GB), in 2019. Through the description and manipulation of these tactile objects, which are designed in a way that allows for ease of interaction, we arrive at the concepts of familiarity and strangeness, attraction and repulsion that underpin encounters with the art object, the other and the environment. In this article, we will rediscover the sense of touch as our singular access to the environment and a means of perceiving closeness. We will also examine experiments with students in an effort to understand how the art object can be significant through its affective value, and explore the concept of private and public boundaries in search of a suitable atmosphere for intimate encounters. Finally, we will ask how the art object functions as a tool that allows our distinct sensitivities to meet through a shared sensory experience, the answer to which may be found in the notions of ritual and games, in order to come to a definition of the ‘ethics of contact’.

> 2019 - «Queer objects»: art object as a tool for shared sensory understanding, conference, iJADE Conference, creating spaces: inclusivity, ethics and participation in art and design education
International Journal of Art and Design Education
Goldsmiths Universtiy of London, GB