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As human contact becomes virtual and our living spaces close in upon themselves, the proposal questions our bodily encounters with tangible objects. In the cosiness of an ‘almost-home’, strangeness interferes in our gestures: delicate eruptions of something concealed that seems to regain its rights. Where we tend to forget it, it reminds us the living is a visceral and intimate experience, and the thought is built on a physical experiment. The result takes the shape of a series of small objects such as fragile and disturbing art forms. They are featured in installations where the bodily interaction is suggested by simple visual evocation—in photographs or films.

Exhibition at Bourses de la Ville de Genève 2021 (Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevalier and Galland) / photograph : Rudy Decelière 

Sans titre, 2019-2020-2021, (leather, cotton)
Hand making, 2021 (video) / 15h 46min

Nombril III, 2020 (video, smartphone, inductive charger) / 3min 06sec

La pesanteur, 2020 (wood, resin, hair, copper, plexiglas)

Untitled, 2020 (video, tablet, shoes, sand), varying dimensions, 1min 17 sec