Based on critical pedagogies and inclusivity, the art research project proposes to rethink the boundaries of art education. Through various workshops at the Contemporary Art Center (Geneva), in universities (Lausanne and Bordeaux), and in classes at public secondary school, Suzanne Boulet explores sensory learning contacting the art object. She invites participants to touch her art pieces and proposes to establish a ‘sensitive dialogue’, as an exploratory educational approach: a two-way exchange between two art practices, where each person’s art production responding to that of another. In this way, knowledge can be built within an interdependent relationship. This ‘dialogue’—partly non-verbal, passing through the manipulation of small, material art forms—progressively builds the sensitivity-maturity.

This long-term project is supported by the University of Bordeaux-Montaigne (FR), the HEP-Vaud_University of Teacher Education (CH), and Swiss universities.

Prendre forme, 2022, ‘carte blanche’ (exhibition-workshop), Galerie Alban Denuit, Maison des Arts, Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (FR) :



participant’s art productions during the workshop

Prière de toucher and Poétique du toucher, 2021, workshops at the Contemporary Art Center, Geneva (CH) :

Children at the workshop Permis de toucher  / photograph : Contemporary Art Center Geneva

Participants' art productions at the workshop Poétique du toucher